The International seafood exhibition ColdWater Seafood 2023, RAI Amsterdam, is postponed to 2025

ColdWater Seafood, the new seafood B2B exhibition focusing on higher quality coldwater seafood, will unfortunately not take place in 2024 and is postponed until 2025.

The planned new seafood event in Amsterdam, initially scheduled for October 2024, is postponed by one year due to the turbulence in the seafood market, caused by a proposed new taxation system in Norway. The new tax, announced last autumn, imposes an additional 40% tax on seafood producers in aquaculture, on top of the already 22% company tax. With nearly 50% of the seafood showcased at the ColdWater Seafood fair originating from Norway, the uncertainty has led to a halt in the extension of long-term contracts. The debate on the taxation system continues without resolution.

The market’s response to the announced taxation has resulted in several cancellations. As a new tradeshow, we prefer to wait until the entire market is ready to participate for the first time in Amsterdam.

Vidar Onarheim, CEO of AqKva, comments, “It is regrettable for the entire industry that a taxation system can change overnight, and we empathize with market operators facing uncertainty. We will therefore postpone the event by one year, allowing us more time to plan a world-leading exhibition and conference on sustainable seafood.”

The need for greater international cooperation is evident as the world, expected to reach a population of 9.7 billion by 2050, will increasingly rely on seafood. With limited additional production capacity from traditional land-based agriculture, the future of food production is set to heavily depend on seafood, which is also considered healthier and more sustainable by consumers. Seafood from cold waters, known for slower growth in cleaner water, aligns with current trends and promises a higher quality product for this expanding market.

The entire team behind the exhibition is currently finalizing the new date and will share all relevant information as soon as possible.

Vidar Onarheim, CEO of AqKva, adds, “We are committed to making Coldwater Seafood 2025 a memorable event for all participants. We appreciate the support and understanding from everyone involved and look forward to welcoming you in 2025 to celebrate the fishing and seafood industry.”