About Coldwater

ColdWater Seafood is a joint project between RAI Amsterdam and Aqkva. We combine the forces of more than 100 years of experience as a trade show organizer with a seasoned  organizer of conferences within the fishfarming and fisheries sector.

Together we make the best arena for promoting, trading and exhibiting all kinds of seafood, with a particular focus on seafood grown slowly in cold waters of the north. This makes for exceptional and unique quality.

More info, or contact us at post@coldwaterseafood.eu


Marianela Greipsland

Sales Director

Has an extensive commercial background from the seafood industry. Broad competence within sales, distribution and international marketing of salmon in the EU. Holds a position in a Land based project, BARING, as Marketing and Sustainability director. previous sales manager for 11 years in Norway Royal Salmon. Marianela has a passion for sustainability, to continue the prosperity of the Salmon business industry going, and to learn as much as possible about how we can make this industry become better.

Heleen van der Meer

Project Manager

Experienced project manager with a demonstrated history of working in the events services industry. Skilled in Marketing Management, Sales Management, Hospitality Industry, and Event Management. Strong entrepreneurship professional with focus on people management within the organisation of conferences and trade shows.